The GENESIS DEAL DRIVER architecture is based around cooperating Softek Partners (SPI) processes that communicate using your organization's standard messaging architecture. Three types of applications communicate with these queues:

       Put Applications whose task it is to fetch deals from deal servers, convert these data records to some canonical form and place them on deal queue. There is typically only one Put Application and one deal queue for any given deal server. Deals requiring further transformation may be managed on holding queues for subsequent processing.

       Transformation Applications that retrieve deals from holding queues transform them and place the result(s) on other queue(s).

       Get Applications whose task it is to retrieve deals from deal queues and load them onto a specific target system. There may be several Get Applications simultaneously loading deals into a specific target system, depending on throughput requirements.


These connections are transparent to the target applications and do not require modifications to existing software.  Our GENESIS interfaces make trade information available to multiple systems without the need to modify or enhance these existing systems.   

SPI analyzes the target application(s), builds the system specification in the form of behavioral examples and applies to generate the application code for the target platform.

Site-specific work is performed by the use of editable scripts which also control transformations of messages as required. Should future modification be necessary, your in-house staff can easily modify the scripts.



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